I'm just a notch in your bedpost

You're just a line in a song

31 March
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User Number: 2116174
Date Created:2-4-04
Number of Posts: 279

Jacquie is a teenage driving girl. She's 100% dork, and crazy to the maxXx. She sometimes forgets where she is or who she is. A lot of times she'll even forget what she's doing or talking about. Jacquie has been told she's pretty, she's trying to believe it more and more everyday. Jacquie volunteers at the hospital 3 days a week, but her parental units pay her. I swear she has a life...of some sort. Jacquie enjoys hanging out with her friends, being wild and doing anything "in the moment". Jacquie thinks of herself as a crazy spontanious person...or just a fucked up girl who's looking for her own piece of mind.
Strengths: Friendly. Good sense of Humor. Hyper. Smart. Good listener. Cheerful. Likes helping people. Supportive. Trustworthy.
Weaknesses: Sensitive. Lonely. Fucked up. Obsessive. Doesn't have much patience. Always hungry. Lazy. Pleasantly Plump.
Special Skills: None.
Weapons: Razorblades. Heels. Knifes. Hearts.
Two Favorite Girls: Ashley Marie (my bump n grein/babydoll/ashlee simpson show buddy) and Ivee Ann (my precious angel) are the two most amazing girls in the world! I love them so fucking much and without them I'm incomplete...I'd die. <3<3

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You’re knocking on my door again,
Except this time it’s one am,
You say that you have no where to go,
And if you could stay till tomorrow.
You hang your head and you start to cry,
And you can’t say a word but I’m not asking why…

And you say you don’t know what to do,
Because life hasn’t been any good to you,
And you have paid for all of their mistakes,
And now you want just a little break.

I stroke your head say it’s alright,
And I’ll help you win this hurting fight.
And I won’t leave no I won’t go,
Because I see now what you couldn’t show.
You close your eyes and begin to sleep,
And I start to cry for this friend in front of me.

And I don’t know what I will do,
Because life hasn’t been any good to you.
And you have paid for all of their mistakes,
And now you want just a little break.

I close my eyes being to pray,
That when I awake it’s a brand new day,
And that this girl will be ok,
And make it through just one more day.
Because she is my world means a lot to me,
And I promise I will help her see…

That she will know just what to do,
Even when life has been untrue.
And she has paid for all of our mistakes,
So please just give her one little break.